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Consultancy / Training / Development

Big Data Labs

About The Company

We provide consultancy, training, system analysis, project management and software development services for the special cases requiring tailored big data solutions.

We apply our practical big data knowledge to healthcare, finance, research and many other sectors to help our customers to achieve better efficiency, higher sales, lower costs.

Our software solutions are based on our own technologies for high performance and highly-parallelized data processing for large scale and high velocity data which allows customers to achieve insights of their data almost instantly, identify troublesome areas, increase sales, cut costs, and distribute their resources efficiently.

With specialized training and consultancy services, software development companies can unlock their potential and execute effective and successful projects using big data technologies.

Our Mission

We provide businesses with value and competitive advantage by offering unique and innovative solutions for their journey from data to wisdom.

Our Services


Big data has great benefit for everyone. From healthcare to insurance, our consultancy services enable enterprises to follow best possible pathway to implement big data technologies to make smarter decisions.


Our training programmes allow software developers, project managers, system managers, database specialists and other relevant technical persons to have better understanding of NoSQL world. Rich hands-on experience in workshops covering real-life scenarios are quite valuable for all trainees.


We provide custom software solutions for large scale enterprises for their big data needs. Having more than 5 years of expertise in the field, we execute to-the-point project analysis and management by using the relevant underlying systems and tools.

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